Craiglockhart Hill

Craiglockhart Hill is one of the famed Seven Hills of Edinburgh. It towers over the Edinburgh suburb of Craiglockhart. There are two summits, known as Easter and Wester Craiglockhart, and a valley named Glenlockhart lying between them. Much of the hill is taken up by Craiglockhart woods. There are many pleasant walking routes through the woods, with lots of different tree species and wildlife to enjoy. Since 2004, the hill has been classified as a local nature reserve. There are some magnificent views from both summits. From the western summit in particular you can see both Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat. Craiglockhart Pond is a lovely spot to have a picnic, with a large number of different birds to be found there including moorhens, heron and coots. The historic building Craighouse is located on the eastern hill.

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