Ben Chabhair

Ben Chabhair is a very craggy and boggy hill which offers dramatic waterfalls, deer spotting and beautiful views of Ben Lomond and Loch Long.

It’s the most westerly of the seven Crianlarich munros, south of Crianlarich, and is usually climbed from Inveranann, a small hamlet near the village of Crianlariach.

This 10 mile hike takes on average 6-7 hours to complete, be on the lookout for the beautiful Ben Glas Burn waterfalls and the wild deer that can often be seen on the hills.  

The Gaelic translation of Chabhair is said to be ‘hill of the antler”, perhaps referring to the wild deer often spotted on the hills.

From the summit you will be rewarded with a fantastic viewpoint down Loch Long.

The Drovers inn is a popular spot for a refreshing drink after your hike, great place to relax after your efforts.

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