Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens

Ballindalloch Castle and its enchanting Gardens are open to visitors from Easter through September. Nestled along the River Avon, near its confluence with the River Spey, the castle has been the Macpherson-Grant family’s residence since its construction in 1546. The Gardens are the pride and joy of the Laird’s mother whose vision is brought to life by the Head Gardener, adapt to the challenging Scottish growing climate to showcase the beauty of the landscape year-round, making them a delightful destination for all seasons.

Ballindalloch Castle, adorned with Macpherson-Grant arms and inscriptions from 1546 and its 1850 restoration, is a captivating blend of medieval fortification and Victorian refinement. The Dining Room, originally the Great Hall, features an imposing fireplace and portraits of King George III and Queen Charlotte. The Hallway boasts a stunning staircase and a collection of military memorabilia. The Drawing Room and Lair’s Smoking Room exhibit period furniture. Lady Macpherson-Grant’s Bedroom showcases a grand four-poster bed, while the Library houses a vast collection of 18th and 19th Century European literature. The Nursery and Highland Tower offer insights into the castle’s history, and the wine cellar adds a touch of intrigue.

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