Ardnamurchan Point

Sometimes travel is about ticking things off the list. Wouldn’t you like to say you’ve been to the most westerly spot in mainland Great Britain? There are two places that are often claimed as the most westerly locations – Corrachadh Mòr and Ardnamurchan Point – and both are in Ardnamurchan. Of the two, Corrachadh Mòr is actually further west by a few metres.

However, although not technically the furthest west, Ardnamurchan Point is well worth visiting if you’re in the area. Getting there is an eight-mile cycle from Kilchoan pier through the moorland above Ardnamurchan caldera.

There’s a visitor centre and café waiting for you when you arrive. It also has a lighthouse that is open to the public all through the year, except for in winter. It’s well worth climbing to the top and marvelling at its sea view. The lighthouse is also interesting in itself, having been built in 1849 by the family of the author Robert Louis Stevenson.

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