Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Perched on Scotland’s east coast, Aberdeen has an abundance of maritime history to uncover. Luckily, the Aberdeen Maritime Museum has it all under one roof, making the ideal day out for seafarers. Located on Shiprow, the museum recounts the city’s long history with the sea, including everything from shipbuilding to port history, as well as industries such as fishing and offshore oil. There are plenty of interactive, hands-on exhibits to keep all ages engaged with Aberdeen’s maritime past, the North Sea and beyond, as well as a café and – of course – a gift shop.

As you would expect, Aberdeen has a long history with the sea, tales and experiences which are explored at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum.

With several awards and accolades to its names, the museum is well worth a visit. Hosting a unique collection, explore the shipbuilding industry that once dominated the area, the impact of fishing on the city along with a history of its thriving port.

It also notes the impact of North Sea oil and gas industry, all done whilst admiring the stunning view of the harbour.

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