Abbotsford The Home Of Sir Walter Scott

A trip to Abbotsford is a must for all romantics. The land and a fairly small farmhouse was bought by Sir Walter Scott when he started to make a lot of money from his poems and novels. Through the following years he bought up more and more land around the farmhouse and then decided to build the house that we see today.

A visit to this rare house gives you an insight into the mind of this great romantic novelist. Take a trip to this house and see Sir Walter Scott’s own library, armoury, drawing room, dining room and study.

Visit the chapel that was added in 1855 and see the garden that he himself designed. Take your children to the family play trail. Visit the Visitor Centre to learn all about Sir Walter Scott and his work.

Take a walk on one of the many walks around the house and along the river Tweed or even take a picnic to the Meadow. Have your lunch or snack at the Ochiltree’s Café. You can even stay in the Hope Scott Wing for a truly romantic setting.

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