Edinburgh's Best Brunches


Whether you’re out of bed as the sun rises for a morning jog in Holyrood Park or awaking from your slumber after a memorable night out just before lunch, there’s no shortage of places to grab a satisfying start to the day in Edinburgh. Of course, devouring a traditional Scottish fried breakfast should be compulsory fayre for anyone visiting the city, but there’s plenty of alternatives to be enjoyed, as varied as pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and Mexican tortilla filled with avocado and jalapeno pepper. Vegan, vegetarian and coeliac diets are all catered for, so the mouth-watering thought of a fulfilling breakfast or brunch should be reason enough to persuade you out of bed.

Browns Brasserie & Bar

Loudons New Waverley

Breakfast at Urban angel Cafe

The Lookout by Gardener’s Cottage

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