Your mind will race as you start to imagine the sights these medieval castle walls have seen over time. Kilmartin Castle was originally built in 1550 for John Carswell, then Rector of Kilmartin Glen, and later Bishop of The Isles, held as a Campbell Clan stronghold outpost after this. It stood abandoned for nearly 200 years, Now it’s a cozy retreat from the modern world ideal for romantic getaways, families, and friends to relax and experience the history of the surrounding landscape. The castle sits at the entrance of Kilmartin Glen, home to the best archeological examples of Neolithic and bronze aged Scotland. Ancient Standing stones, rock circles, burial cans, tomb chambers and bronze aged forts all on the doorstep within walking distance. The Glen is the true birthplace of the Scotti people; Dunadd Fort is where the bronze aged clan kings of Scotland were crowned. Your imagination will easily get swept up and lost in this ancient landscape.

Now for the first time in 467 years, Kilmartin Castle has been opened up to the public for exclusive holiday stays by it’s current owners; Stef, a travel journalist & Simon, a Creative Director. (They’re said to be the youngest castle owners in Scotland.) The couples eclectic take on ‘Rustic Luxury’ is clearly visible throughout the castle; The walls have been deliberately left with their aged patina, the floorboards are loose in places, and then all the bedrooms are beatify furnished with natural fiber bedding and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. The furniture and artwork throughout is a balanced selection of vintage and modern pieces affectionately collected over time, the feeling is perfectly Scottish, but with a refreshing quirky twist. You’ll love the experience of the castles grand hall, sitting by the fire on a classic leather De Sede sofa, drinking local single malt whisky while playing your way through the couples vinyl collection on their vintage record player. Who knew The Rolling Stones, and Florence and the Machine went so well with medieval Scotland.


While you’re there: Sample amazing local food produce in some of the nearby eateries and establishments, The local pub is a 5 min walk down into the village, and always buzzing with friendly locals full of stories. Or prepare your own Scottish sea food feast in the well equipped kitchen or take advantage of the castles own private Chef, who you can book to prepare and serve a selection of local goodness in the castle dining room for your own medieval feast.

Light some scented candles and take a long peaceful soak in the free-standing bath whilst you appreciate the rustic charm and character of the property. Wake after sleeping like a medieval lord to freshly ground organic coffee and catch the mist covered morning views out over the beautiful historic Glen. Fulfil your childhood dream by staying at Kilmartin Castle and have a magical, unique experience exploring the visible layers of history that Kilmartin Glen has to offer.

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