I made my first trip up to the Scottish Highlands with my partner last summer and, like most people, we were blown away by the beauty and vastness of the landscape. I knew straight away that we would need to return in the Winter, to witness the effects of my favourite season on a land already steeped in massive amounts of drama. To see the snow-capped mountain tops, gorgeous golden tones of the winter flora and the moodiest of light. On our last trip we had hit the popular spots of Glen Coe and Skye. 

As much as we wanted to return to these places we also wanted to experience some of the quieter parts of the Highlands and see places we hadn’t already seen a hundred times on our phone screens. With the trip only being a few days, we decided Mull would be a perfect place to explore.

We set off early from our base in Taynuilt to catch the first ferry over from Oban, it was freezing out on deck, but the morning light was beautiful, a perfect start to the day!’

I always enjoy traveling by boat or ferry… The sound of the waves crashing, the fresh sea air and the unique perspective you get of the surrounding landscape. This is Eilean Musdile Lighthouse which you pass on the crossing over to Mull

When you get on to the island you notice straight away how much quieter it is to the mainland. Once the ferry traffic quickly disappears down the A849 you soon find yourself on your own with just the open road ahead of you.

The landscape on Mull is some of the best I’ve seen, and it was brilliant to experience it at this time of year, the winter colours were simply stunning.

We hung around on the island for as long as we could, just making it back in time for the last ferry. Both of us agreed we wished we’d planned a longer trip because we really only had a glimpse of what the island has to offer and there is so much more of it we want to see… so I guess we will be back Mull.

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