Is it possible to see the Northern Lights at the end of February in the Highlands?

ASKED BY @camillasomigli

Thanks for the question! the Northern Lights occur in Scotland when electrically charged particles from the sun travel and collides with magnetic fields from the Earth’s atmosphere, which creates an amazing show of lights in the Sky.

Scotland is one of the best places to view this amazing display, to answer your question yes it is possible to see the northern lights in February although we can never guarantee it we can give you some tips to give you the best possible chance.

Autum and Winter are the best times to view the auroras borealis in Scotland as the night sky is at it’s darkest.

When travelling in Scotland you should follow @Aurora_Alerts and @aurorawatchuk on Twitter as they can alert you when they may appear.

Also be sure to check the weather forecast and visit somewhere which is not forecast cloudy.

You will have a greater chance of seeing this amazing display of lights in Northern Scotland, North West Highlands and outer Hebrides give you your best bet, you can also see them in the Isle of Skye and the Moray Coast.

Please let us know how you get on!


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