There are a variety of options for accommodation in Inverness. Whether you’re interested in B&Bs, caravan sites, hotels, or self-service cottages, Inverness has you covered.


For many, the city centre will be ideal. Here you’ll have easy access to supermarkets, shopping centres, cafés and restaurants, and will also be well placed to visit all of the important tourist sites both in and around Inverness. The area of Dalneigh is located in the west of the city, and is a great place to stay. The name ‘Dalneigh’ comes from the Gaelic ‘Dail an Eich’, meaning ‘horse field’. As the name suggests, this whole area used to be a farm, but after WWII it was turned into a residential area. If you want somewhere quiet and peaceful, but also fairly close to the city centre, this is a great place to base yourself. Another option is to stay in a nearby village. Culloden is a small village located three miles north of Culloden Moor; the famous site of the ‘Battle of Culloden’. This battle was one of the most important events in Scottish history. Culloden village is both tranquil and has a great historical atmosphere.


Although the weather is unpredictable in Scotland, the summer months are probably a good bet. However, bear in mind that June, July, and August are the peak months for tourists in Scotland.

On a sunny day, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the unique scenery of the area. Scorching hot days are very rare, but you can expect pleasant mildly warm weather during these summer months.

There are a number of events that take place in August that might tempt you to visit at this time, including the famous ‘Highland Games’. If you wait until September you’ll still have fairly warm weather but with more accommodation options, since the peak season will have passed by then. The scenery will still be beautiful but with more of an autumn hue to it.

Many will find winter too cold in this region, but if you’re well covered up this won’t be too much of a problem. There are still reasons to visit at this time of the year. If you find a remote enough location in the Highlands, winter is a great time to come and see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). This is also the time to visit one of the many ski centres in the Highlands.