Today we interview  WildTrax founder James Munday about how WildTrax began and some of his favourite hidden gems he has discovered in Scotland.  

Let’s start with an introduction… Tell us a bit about yourself and the brand WildTrax

Well, I’m an Englishman that goes by the name of James who, for the best part of 4 years has been residing in Inverness. I acquired a lodge park called @AncarraigLodges and I relocated here to oversee its operation. Having travelled much of the globe, Scotland, for reasons unknown, wasn’t ever a country particularly on my immediate radar to explore, it being so close to home was the probable reason.

I can only really describe my discovery of Scotland’s breathtaking beauty as a comparison to how Daffney (in Scooby Doo) feels after finding her glasses! (I may have lost half the readers there, am I showing my age?)

Thus, WildTrax was born, to encourage people to not only come to our lodge park but to actually, get out, roam, adventure and see the beauty on all of our doorsteps.

Was there a moment for you that led to the beginning of WildTrax?

Yes, I remember a friend visiting me in a Discovery 4 which was partially kitted out with advanced navigational equipment as they were touring the NC500. They had their backpacks in the back, tents all packed up and camping gear thrown into boxes. As they drove away, I not only wanted to go with them but I knew a travel company featuring 4×4’s (it just happened to be Landrovers) was something I wanted to create.

If you had to choose what would be your favourite area in Scotland to explore and why?

Well I’m a total fan of “off the beaten track” and although the NC500 has its merits for the more mainstream vehicles, we have the ability to really venture beyond limits (see what I did there). Hop on a Calmac ferry and venture out to the Outer Hebrides. Here you can truly appreciate complete tranquillity as if you have disappeared into the ether. It’s a perfect “get away from it all” location where you can completely let go of reality and the captivating views, beautiful beaches and historical sites make it a perfect way to spend a long weekend. You will without doubt come back totally refreshed.

Can you share a ‘hidden gem’ in Scotland that you have come across while exploring?

There’s a wee (I’m trying to fit in) island at the very bottom of South Uist called the Isle of Eriskay, it’s completely accessible by car as it’s served by a particularly beautiful causeway. If you cross that causeway and keep driving, you’ll eventually stumble upon Eriskay Beach where you’ll find turquoise waters, white fluffy sand and views to absolutely die for. It could easily feature as the Caribbean in a TV commercial!
Where is next on your list of Scottish adventures?

The Isle of Mull; Islands, beautiful beaches, ocean swimming, seafood, atmospheric coastlines, beautiful caves to explore and Puffins – what’s not to like? Swimming in Fingal’s Cave is of interest and perhaps some Kayak fishing or relaxing in Dun Ara Ocean Bathing Pool. Just talking about it makes me want to jump in the car and head there this very moment (yes it’s -3 outside!).

What words of wisdom would you share for a first-time visitor to Scotland?
Drive on the left side of the road 😊. If you can’t stand the racket of Bagpipes, tell no Scotsman. Don’t try and imitate their language (I only use it behind closed doors), if you hate the thought of black pudding, taste it. If you don’t like Whisky, you’ll leave a connoisseur. Don’t be too hasty to jump into the waters, Loch Ness for example, it’s freezing, and you never know what’s lurking beneath. And lastly, don’t be concerned if you hear haunting screeches at night, it’s probably a wild Haggis.
Do you have any exciting plans in the pipeline for Wildtrax?

We’re working with some really epic companies such as Bearmach, SeaToSummit and Toyo to bring a complete, high end and unique package to guests supplying only the best equipment and products. We were recently featured in a special edition of LandRover Monthly (9 Page Spread, #Proud) and this year we’re looking to add a number of further vehicles to our lineup.

We also manufacture our very own roof top tents which will be on sale in the spring so we have plenty of work to keep us busy 😊.

Last question… what other social platforms are you active on besides instagram? I’m sure our readers would love to know where else they can connect with you on the web.

So I’m also @Englishhighlander – the very pale looking Englishman is me (lived in Scotland for too long). You can also find my lodge site at @AncarraigLodges.

Any questions, suggestions, recommendations, business enquiries – just head on over to @Englishhighlander and send me a message 😊

Thank you for your time! 🙂