Today we catch up with Eilidh Izat and Jack Arundell who are behind Porteous Studio, an Edinburgh garage transformed into a beautiful holiday retreat.

Hey guys, tell us a little about yourselves

Eilidh is an Architect 28 years old , she is from Aberdeenshire originally but has worked in Japan and Norway. Jack is originally from Yorkshire but has lived in Edinburgh for 9 years and was most recently a chef at the Timberyard in Edinburgh and now works running both Porteous Studio and managing our other projects that are coming up this year.

What inspired porteous studio?

We were actually looking for a small piece of land on the west coast to build a small house or bothy. But when we found the old garage we instantly saw a lot of potential in the space, especially with its location in the Grassmarket. Both of us have a real appreciation of quality craftsmanship and materials and felt it was right to try and achieve something with real integrity. I suppose it’s like a very designed compact bothy type space in the city centre.

What’s the inspiration behind it.?

Eilidh’s work in Scotland, Japan and Norway have been huge influences. The use a natural and eco friendly materials create a calming space in the centre of the historic old town. We have done quite a lot of travelling around the world and have tried to create a modern, but characterful and Scottish escape for visitors.

Tell us a little more information about your supper clubs

Once a month I cook dinner for a few lucky guests. I’ve been using our friends Pork from @thefreecompany just outside Edinburgh for all of our supper clubs so far. Working with amazing producers like them really excites me and allows me to keep cooking for people. We are just serving very simple but beautiful food in the space. Usually no one knows each other which creates a really interesting dynamic. It’s really inspiring to hear about what my guests are up to, and makes me very excited to be in Edinburgh right now. There’s no set price, we ask for a donation at the end for the experience.

What makes Porteous Studio unique?

It’s a place someone can come and stay, can come to one of our creative events and also our supper clubs. Its a vehicle for our ideas and interests and allows us to share this with likeminded people. Working with such amazing craftsman was incredibly rewarding and we think you can really feel their passion and care in the project.

What did you enjoy most about creating Porteous Studio

Working with Namon Gaston is always such a pleasure. He is a consummate professional and as both a master of making and designing the process is always very enjoyable. This is our second project with Namon and we can’t wait to work with him again. We’ve got some really interesting collaborations coming in the next few months with other craftspeople and designers, it’s a really exciting and creative time in Edinburgh.

What was your biggest challenge?

Eilidh’s experience made the build process relatively easy. Our biggest challenge now is becoming one of the best small holiday lets in Edinburgh and Scotland. It’s a very competitive market and we are coming at it from a slightly different angle.

Have you got any Hidden gems in edinburgh that people staying with you should check out?
St. Albert’s chapel off middle meadow walk is our favourite building in Edinburgh. Some parts of it definitely gave some inspiration to the Studio.
How to book

To book Porteous Studio, please visit their website
and check out their instagram
Photography is by Zac and Zac.

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