Getting to Edinburgh

As one of northern Europe’s most popular and cosmopolitan cities, Edinburgh enjoys excellent transport links with the UK and destinations across the world, including some cheaper options for those travelling on a budget.


With 150 domestic and international connections, Edinburgh International Airport is easily accessible from as far afield as China and Mexico. Flights from London, which also connect to cities across the world, take a little over an hour. Several low-cost airlines fly into Edinburgh including easyJet, Ryanair and Eurowings, giving passengers more economical flight options to the Scottish capital.

Edinburgh city centre is served by Airlink buses (service 100/N22 overnight), which operates 24 hours a day, and tram which runs a frequent and reliable service between 6.15am and 10.45pm. A taxi to the city takes approximately 25 minutes.


With Waverley Station located for maximum convenience in the centre of Edinburgh, arriving by train is relaxing and convenient. East Coast services from London King’s Cross take approximately 4 ½ hours, while connections are also available to mainline cities across England and Wales. For those seeking a slower, more leisurely journey to Scotland, the Caledonian Sleeper operates from London six night a week.


A more cost-effective mode of transport that is particularly suited to those looking to save on their travel costs, coach services are provided by National Express and Megabus from destinations across the UK.


Driving to Edinburgh is relatively quick (London: 7 hours; Birmingham: 5 hours; Manchester: 4 hours) but bear in mind that parking in the city centre can be sparse and expensive. Park and Ride from the outskirts of the city is another option for those travellers staying outside Edinburgh.

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