The very best exclusive use venues in Scotland

Join us on a Journey of Discovering Scotland's best



Join us on a Journey of Discovering Scotland's best

If there’s one way to transform your special celebration or event from the ordinary to the extraordinary, it’s by hosting it in the luxury of an exclusive use venue. Not only does the privacy and elegance of an exclusive use venue really set your day apart, it also provides a level of confidence that your day can be exactly the way you dream it.

With stunning stately homes, charming castles and dramatic rural landscapes among the wide range of exclusive use venues available across Scotland, you can guarantee that, beyond the day itself, your memories and photographs will be truly spectacular.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, special occasion, family get-together, corporate event or even searching for a filming location, the variety of exclusive use venues in Scotland means you can find the perfect fit to transform your dream into reality.

Which location in Scotland to choose for your event

Stunning Scotland boasts an abundance of wonderful exclusive use venues across the length and breadth of the country, allowing you to host your occasion in the perfect spot.

City locations provide easy access for your guests and plenty of opportunities for them to extend their stays to enjoy a Scotland city break in lively, cosmopolitan centres such as Glasgow or Aberdeen, while Edinburgh venues add a regal feel.

Equally, rural locations in Scotland are simply breath-taking. From the mountainous Cairngorms to the coastal beauty of the Highlands and the spectacular ruggedness of the Hebrides, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world.

Castle Venues in Scotland

As a country once said to boast around 3,000 castles on its shores, Scotland is as associated with these structures as it is tartan and whiskey. Castle venues in Scotland are an important and dominant part of the landscape, and therefore make any celebration or event feel truly authentic and steeped in history.

Stately Home Venues in Scotland

For aristocratic heritage, a beautiful, spacious property, nestled in stunning grounds, consider a stately home venue in Scotland for your event. Stately homes provide a sense of elegance and grandeur and that, coupled with plenty of room to comfortably house all your guests, make them ideal for big occasions.

Pet Friendly Exclusive Use Venues

When you’re planning your wedding day, the one thing likely to make it all the more special is to have your beloved furry family member by your side as you walk down the aisle. But even if you’re planning a different event, for many people it can be important to have their pets close by, while for a photoshoot or filming location, sourcing a pet friendly exclusive use venue can be pivotal to the success of the shoot.

House Party Venues

Planning a house party should be full of fun, rather than stress. So, take away the hassle by booking an exclusive use venue for your celebration. Whether it’s a big birthday, notable wedding anniversary or simply a get-together or reunion, hosting in an elegant exclusive use venue is sure to make it memorable. Many venues will also come with swimming pools and hot tubs to make it all the more special.

Venues for Corporate Events

The last thing you want for a corporate event is to have a bland occasion at a dreary venue, full of spreadsheets and shop talk. So, really inspire you colleagues, partners and stakeholders and celebrate their achievements by throwing a memorable event at a Scottish exclusive use venue, guaranteed to be the topic of water cooler conversations for years to come.

Team Building Venues

Whatever industry you work in or team sport you play, getting to know your colleagues or team-mates away from the typical, stressful environment is a crucial part of success. Hiring an exclusive use venue for you all to properly relax and enjoy the occasion in a unique setting, is a great way to get the most out of your team-building event.


Make the best day of your life truly unique and spectacular by getting married or hosting your reception – or both – at an exclusive use venue in stunning Scotland. Not only will you have the whole place to yourself, you can enjoy the luxury of an extended stay and be relaxed in the knowledge the photographs will be absolutely breath-taking. You and your guests will leave feeling truly special.

Rural Venues

Scotland is blessed with an incredible and diverse landscape, with Munros and Corbetts, glens, sweeping coastlines, lochs and heather-rich heathland all providing stunning rural backdrops for exclusive use venues, giving any occasion the wow-factor. Ideal for outdoorsy people wanting not only a spectacular venue but also areas to go out and explore, rural venues and Scotland go hand-in-hand.

Photoshoot, TV and Movie Locations

Perhaps unsurprisingly, exclusive use venues are very popular choices for photoshoot, tv and film locations. Making it easy for crew and cast to set up and feel at ease away from the prying eyes of the public, exclusive use venues can also be tailored specifically to your needs, whether you’re shooting a period drama, action film or taking photos for a glossy magazine, giving an authentic feel.

This can be one of the biggest considerations when planning your wedding or event. Different venues use many different pricing models to come to the final cost, so it’s worth doing your research first and ensuring you’re completely happy with what’s included in the price. Some venues will calculate the final price per person, based on a minimum spend, or simply have a fixed hire fee. Different times of year and days of the week are also likely to affect the price, so try to stay flexible where possible.

A good way to discover if a venue will work for your type of event is to speak to them about events they have previously hosted. Some will be more experienced in hosting your type of occasion than others, and are therefore more likely to understand what works, meaning less hassle for you and a better end result.

When planning an event it can be daunting to try and think about every little aspect. Catering is an obvious one, but what about decorating, cleaning and waiter service, or AV support, licences, security and parking? There’s a lot to consider, so a good tip is to research a range of venues and see what they all offer, before making a list of what you require. You can then check with your venue to confirm they can support, or if they can outsource or suggest external companies to help.