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Edinburgh is the jewel in Scotland's crown

This range of accommodation means it is easy to find the perfect base for your Scottish adventure in the city.

Edinburgh is the jewel in Scotland’s crown and a lively, picturesque place to visit. A huge part of its appeal is the range of accommodation Edinburgh boasts. From hotels which offer 5 Star luxury to rooms on a budget, hostels, boutique hotels and cosy cottages, it really does have something for everyone. This range of accommodation means it is easy to find the perfect base for your Scottish adventure in the city.

Introduction to Edinburgh

Before we look at the superb accommodation options around Edinburgh, it pays to know more about the city first. But what is there to know about this historic Scottish destination?

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and home to the famous Edinburgh Castle. This imposing structure looms high above the city and is a stunning sight. Edinburgh itself is a very pretty city and contains not only a medieval Old Town but also an elegant New Town district.

It is also a very easy city to get around and has lots to entice visitors. Whether you like to shop, wander around museums, take in the many festivals, go for lunch in the day or head out for drinks at night, there is plenty to do. Edinburgh is also known for its many tourist attractions (such as the zoo or the cities underground vaults).

Things to know

Getting around

As noted above, it is easy to get around Edinburgh once you have arrived in the city. But what are the best ways to do this? Although this might surprise you, walking is one of the top choices. This is because Edinburgh is a very compact city which is enjoyable to discover on foot. The number of one-way streets and winding lanes around the city centre also make walking an ideal way to get about. Edinburgh also boasts a superb bus network to use. Bus fares in the city are decent value and buses run 24 hours a day. This is an especially good option for those who cannot get about on foot or are heading to the outskirts of the city. It is also worth looking out for trams in Edinburgh, as these give a fast and fun way to get around. For those who like to cycle, Edinburgh has plenty of well-kept cycle lanes which make it simple to get around on two wheels. Of course, if you drive to Edinburgh in a car it is possible to get around the city in this way – or you could hop in a taxi if you do want to wait for a bus or tram.

Getting to Edinburgh

The exact route to Edinburgh depends on where you will be travelling from. As with getting around the city though, there are a few different ways to actually travel there. Many people (especially in the UK) will choose to drive and use the UK’s motorway network to arrive quickly. Those travelling from England for example might head up the M6 to reach the Scottish borders and then move onto Edinburgh after. Another option is travelling via plane. This would see you land at Edinburgh airport and be ready to explore the city once you have checked into your accommodation. Many people will also travel to Edinburgh via the UK’s rail network. It is possible to get trains to the city from most major locations in the UK and this is a relaxing way to arrive for your break. It is also possible to travel to the city via coach and this can often be a great value way to make the journey.

When to go

The truth is that Edinburgh is a year-round city which has plenty to offer whenever you visit. There are certain times of year which it feels extra special though. Many people for example like to head here over summer. This is because the weather is better usually in June, July and August. August is also a great time to call in because this is when the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival occurs. Other major festivals such as the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and the Edinburgh Film Festival are major attractions in summer. Although the weather might be colder, many people also like to discover Edinburgh over Xmas and New Year. The city seems to have extra magic at these times and Burns Night in late January is always celebrated with real gusto.

Where to stay

The facts are that you will never be short of places to stay in the Scottish capital. As we have already noted, it has a diverse selection of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. In terms of which part of the city to base yourself in, this comes down to what you plan to do and how close you want to be to the main tourist attractions. The city centre, of course, is very convenient for the most popular ones and those who want to be within easy walking distance of them. Edinburgh’s Old Town is the ideal place for history lovers, gazing at the stunning architecture and also has lots of attractions for tourists. The New Town is the ideal place to stay if you want to be close to the cites range of shops, restaurants and bars. For those who prefer staying out of the city itself, Leith on the outskirts is a popular choice.

Eating & drinking

Edinburgh is a real food lover’s paradise and has a diverse choice of cafes, bars and restaurants. There really is something for everyone here and you will never be short of tasty food or refreshing drinks to enjoy. From relaxed cafes to grab lunch during the day to award-winning restaurants for an evening meal, the range of global cuisines Edinburgh offers is awesome. The many bars here are also home to the best cocktails, wine, beer and spirits to enjoy as you dance the night away.

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What could be cooler than staying in your very own caste when on holiday? This will not only immerse you in the heritage of the city but also make your visit extra memorable. Blending a real sense of history with the latest mod-con's, the castles to stay at in Edinburgh offer a new way to experience it.

Unique Accommodation

Choosing to stay somewhere unique is the ideal way to make your stay even more interesting - and Edinburgh has a lot of options here. From small boutique establishments to distinctive-looking hotels or accommodation with a rich history, the city has plenty of unique places to stay.

Dog Friendly

If you can't enjoy a holiday in Edinburgh without your pooch, there are lots of dog-friendly hotels to book. This means everyone gets to enjoy what the city has to offer and you do not have to leave your dog behind whilst you are away. From budget hotels that welcome dogs to more expensive ones for a real treat, the dog-friendly options below are pawfect.

Child Friendly

Child-friendly hotels in Edinburgh are perfect for families to book. It not only means you can relax somewhere which welcomes kids but also means there are other children around for your child to play with. In addition, child-friendly accommodation in the city comes with features such as free Wi-Fi, board games in communal areas and kid-friendly options on the menu.

Accommodation with hot tubs

One increasingly popular choice across Edinburgh is accommodation with a hot tub. Luckily, the city has masses of choice here and some stunning options to choose from. If you fancy relaxing in the warm waters of a hot tub after a busy day exploring the city, the accommodation in this category is for you.

For groups

Edinburgh is popular as somewhere for larger groups to visit and for big parties to explore together. There are some superb accommodation choices for large groups in the city and all come with plenty of space to relax in. However big your group, the places to stay in this category are bound to have the right number of bathrooms and bedrooms!

Restaurants with rooms

There are some great restaurants in the city but what if you want to head straight to your room after eating to relax? If you do not fancy travelling far before or after a meal, restaurants with rooms attached are the perfect answer. As well as being close to the restaurant itself, these rooms come with feature such as comfy beds and chic interior design.

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