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Would any adventure be complete without your four-legged friend? We don’t know about you, but having holidays with our dogs is a real-life highlight. Better than escaping on any exotic beach break, exploring the UK with our furry companion in tow is the best way to get to know all the most striking beauty spots and maybe see something a little off the beaten path.

Visiting the Isle of Skye need not exclude your dog. With plenty of pet friendly accommodation in Skye, you can enjoy a beautiful break with your best friend.

When you visit the Isle of Skye, there is no need to even consider leaving your dog behind at home or paying for an expensive dog sitter. Take a moment to think about what this means – how you will get here, what you will need to bring, and where you want to take your dog once you arrive.

Skye is a perfect place for dog owners, with a slower pace of life that welcomes walkers and all those who like to wander and discover nature. Getting to know the island slowly with your favourite furry friend gives you a true taste of the soul of Skye – a place where taking your time and getting to know your surroundings is valued.

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What is there to do with your dog in Skye

There is plenty to see and do all across the Isle of Skye when you visit with your dog. Having a pet with you does not need to hold you back at all! Get inspired to go walking and discover Mealt Waterfall and Kilt Rock with your perfect pooch – even if the weather is not on your side, they will make you get out and about in your raincoat. Even if you want a break from hiking, the popular town of Portree has plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants that will welcome both you and your dog as guests! So you can enjoy your time both in Skye and together, and create some truly special memories.

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You can find both dog-friendly cottages in Skye and dog-friendly hotels in Skye by searching online or using a guidebook that lists accommodation that welcomes dogs. However you choose to search for your ideal spot, make sure that you double-check that the information is up to date. Some cottages and hotels will ask you for an extra deposit to cover your pet, so be prepared to pay a tiny bit extra. If you are not sure whether you are permitted to take pets, or you have more than one dog and the accommodation policy only lists one dog as acceptable, give them a call. Your hosts will most likely be friendly natives to Skye who are eager to welcome you and the four-legged members of your family. Have you been inspired to visit the Isle of Skye and bring man’s (and woman’s) best friend along with you? Find the best accommodation for you and start planning the holiday of a lifetime.

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