Cities in Scotland

Is there anything that comes close to the rooftop vista of a thriving, bustling city? It is a landscape that has a beauty of its own, incomparable to the rolling glens and towering mountains of wild Scotland. 

Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling are the seven areas afforded the title ‘city’ in Scotland. Each bears their own monumental scars of their history, as each has played crucial parts in the development of the country. 

The marrying of the old with the new is what makes Edinburgh so unique and a popular spot for visitors, whilst the industrial heritage is what shaped and continues to shape Glasgow, along with the docks. Dundee boasts a similar ‘sea and dock’ heritage, the city that gave birth to many an explorer. 

The rooftop vista of all the Scottish cities is a sight to behold, their cultures a delight to be part of, if only for a short time.


Photo by @sunxjin



Photo by @adaras