Renowned for its rugged landscape and complex history, the Scottish Borders are a must-visit destination for travellers wanting to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, as well as a culture-rich location. It’s no wonder that the beautiful setting inspired the writings of Sir Walter Scott, as the Borders are home to some of the most breath-taking views and architecture in the world; Floors Castle is the biggest in Scotland and truly is a magnificent sight to behold, and the iconic Four Border Abbeys is a delight to explore and learn more about. 

Why Visit?

If hiking and active getaways are your idea of fun, then you need to take a trip to the Scottish Borders. Embark on an epic hiking adventure and roam along the Scottish hills, taking in the awesome views as you go. For a more adrenaline pumping experience, grab a canoe and head to the river tweed and leisurely float down the beautiful body of water. The mountainous regions of the Borders are ideal for bikers longing to feel as free as the natural landscape around them; take a break from your adventure at sunset to fully take in the aesthetic natural views.

Explore The Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders
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