When we started to plan our trip to scotland in December, we thought about what region we want to see. I say we, because I travelled with my girlfriend and 2 good friends of us. We decided to do this trip on March, because easily we are students and this is our break. I pointed out that we had a great landscape with a really nice brown-white contrast on the mountain tops.

We picked up our rental car at the Glasgow Airport with our first goal of the day: Reaching the Isle of Skye! We know, it’s a very popular place, but we had planned to explore also parts of it that aren’t that well-known to most of the tourists. Many of our thoughts before had been about the weather we’ll have on our trip. We started by rain and as we leaved Fort William and drove into the highlands we had the most stunning scenery on the Loch Cluanie. Just real luck for us!

As we arrived at night on the Isle of Skye, we decided to explore the south of the Isle the next day. We planned to visit the Spar Cave next to Elgol and we found a beautiful hidden gem of the Isle of Skye.

And somehow the whole beach is worth to see! It’s a little adventure to find the path going down there, but as you see it’s worth!

When we left the Isle of Skye adn our next stop we planned was Glen Coe. From this location it’s not that far to Glen Nevis. As you drive through this Glen you’ll reach a parking lot and the path to another great place: The Steall Falls

As you can see.. the way to the falls is still an adventure. After one week of driving around the great landscape of scotland, we had to drive back to Glasgow to reach our flight. We decided to visit one more place on our way. The awesome Glen Finnich, also known as Devil’s Pulpit

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