Every seasoned traveller knows that our world is bursting with natural beauty and extraordinary secrets. But what makes us pull on our walking boots and step outside with little more than a map in our hand?

What is it that makes chasing these locations so addictive? For many, it’s the desire to find themselves in a place as magical as Glencoe.


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Nestled away in the Scottish Highlands, Glencoe is as dramatic as it is beautiful. Sharp peaks pierce the skyline and loom over the wild flowers in the glen below.


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Driving along the A82 through Glencoe, you wouldn’t be the first to think that you’d stumbled across a film set. The astonishing grandeur of Glencoe has been captured on camera in a number of films, including Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


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Though Hagrid’s hut no longer resides in Glencoe, the famous little, white house that sits within the glen remains; watching over the formidable paths that snake their way through the mountains.


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Walkers and mountaineers are spoilt for choice with footpaths maintained by The National Trust, whilst mountain bikers and skiers alike have a wealth of options available to them. Regardless of what activities you arrive here for, the stunning backdrop that Glencoe provides never fails to disappoint.


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Whilst the crisp, Autumn winds force hands into pockets and scarves over noses, keep your eyes open for the inquisitive, wild red deer that speckle the land. October brings with it the sounds and spectacles of mating season, when fierce mating battles (known as ruts) are rife.


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Though red deer are commonly seen in the area, walkers that venture up the crags and rocky outcrops of Glencoe’s reigning peak may find themselves alone with the breath-taking views that Bidean nam Bian’s highest point provides.


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Just like much of Scotland, the weather in Glencoe can fluctuate rapidly, with icy rain descending mere moments before the reassuring warmth of the evening sunlight emerges from behind the clouds.


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For those lucky enough to catch a day when sunlight ripples through the glen, even low level walks will provide magnificent views in return for your efforts. Hiking over the Devils Staircase or venturing into The Lost Valley will deliver rewarding scenery for even the most inexperienced traveller.


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The village of Glencoe itself is steeped in history and, despite its small size, offers anything from cosy cafés to sea food dinners. And, when the nights get colder, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better selection of whisky to warm your insides through.


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Adored by those that uncover its secrets, those that make the journey to the formidable mountains of Glencoe will undoubtedly fall in love with its charm and magic.

What is it that ignites your wanderlust and lures you outdoors? The cool breeze a fresh, spring morning? Fighting aching legs to reach a new summit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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